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web banners

Web banner design has been a favorite creative outlet for me.  From photo manipulated banners for Faircloth & Supply
to creating the content through photography and creative direction for Valleau Apparel, I've done it all for my clients.
I love to maintain fresh, engaging and unique web banner images that emulate each brand's identity.

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E-blasts are bloating our inboxes daily and most aren't even appealing.
I believe key elements of e-blasts, are to express a clear, simple message
in a visually pleasing way that is cohesive with a company's brand identity
(unless your company's purpose is to send long articles or stories
as your newsletter, which would be the exception). 




website layout + design

Los Angeles based photographer, Mikhail Goldenberg, needed a new branded look and feel for his website, social media and business. 

This client wanted to include:

- Professional shooting studio location rentals

- Fine art collection

- Photography services

I used Mikhail's visual inspiration, his long term business goals and current work to create a consistent, cohesive look and feel; I maintained my client's style, visual cues for target clientele and an easy-to-navigate style that covered all areas of his business.

The end product included a full website layout, fonts, image selection from his portfolio and a more in-depth bio to connect with his targeted clientele.  


I created a brief branding guide for Mikhail including fonts, font use, logo use, his visual inspiration, etc. that can easily be followed by both him and employees.



iOS app design

DripDoctors lifestyle service needed an app for their nurses to deliver services, clients to order services and the admin side.
I designed all the app interfaces, assets and screen flows.  The interfaces were created in in Photoshop and Illustrator;
I worked closely with the coding and development team on this app design, now available to
download on any iPhone or Android phone.